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CBP Issues Import Guidelines Regarding Burmese Jadeite/Rubies
August 14, 2013

In response to President Obama’s Executive Order (EO) modifying U.S. sanctions on imports from Burma, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently released new import guidelines.  Although the President’s EO repeals the general ban on imports of all articles from Burma, it also imposes a targeted ban on jadeite and rubies, as well as any jewelry containing either stone.  The President exempts goods previously exported from the U.S from this ban.  In accordance with this, CBP is advising parties temporarily exporting these goods to register them using one of the three following methods:
  • CBP Form 4455 - Certificate of Registration
  • CBP Form 4457 - Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad
  • A carnet issued by the U.S. Council for International Business. This is more suitable for commercial samples and items for trade shows and exhibitions.
Without one of these forms, an importer is required to show documents confirming the same person exported/reimported the goods, and the subject merchandise has not been modified outside the country in a way that adds value.

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