1942 : Firm Name Becomes Barnes, Richardson & Colburn

October 1,1942

The partners adopted the name Barnes, Richardson & Colburn on October 1, 1942 and it has remained since.

At the inception, the founders adopted the name Barnes, Chilvers & Halstead; which would later be changed to Barnes, Richardson & Halstead, when Samuel Richardson joined the team. Between 1919 and 1925, Bernard C. McKenna replaced Chilvers in the firm and this resulted in the change of name to Barnes, McKenna and Halstead, which would later change to Barnes, Wilson and Halstead when Frank Palmer Wilson joined the firm. This was despite the fact that McKenna was still in the firm, but historical records show that during this period, up to three names were used simultaneously. McKenna, like Chilvers, left little paper trail but records of cases dated between 1926 and 1931show him appearing as a member of Barnes, McKenna and Halstead, during which he worked on cargo claim issues. Prior to joining the firm, he served as an assistant U.S. Attorney. In 1935, J. Bradley Colburn partnered with Barnes, Richardson & Halstead. Seven years later, the partners resolved to change the name to Barnes, Richardson & Colburn, which it has remained to this day.