2019 : It's a Century!


The year 2019 marked the year when the firm celebrated 100 years since its inception. It was the celebration of 100 years of exemplary service offered to the global community. The firm celebrated it uniquely, by posting interesting facts and cases from the archives that present the history of the firm and the progress and development of trade laws in the United States of America. The facts and posts posted in the history page of the firm's website span from 1919 through to 2013. It covers the inception of the firm; the role played by Barnes, Chilvers & Halstead during inception; the first document case of the firm; the different periods when different partners joined the firm; that is 1933 and 1935 when Samuel Richardson and J. Bradley Colburn joined respectively. It further covers the contribution of each partner, the change of firm's name and the expansion of the firm to Chicago and Washington D.C. The page then talks about the death of the founder of the firm and one other partner, Bradley Colburn, and finally, it talks about when the firm became a limited liability partnership. All this information has been put in a single place so that the people can easily get access to it and acquaint themselves with the information they may want to know.