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APHIS Issues Proposed Importation Rules for Persimmons and Raspberries, Seeks Comments on Lemon Importation Rules

August 29, 2016

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service published two proposed rules, one for New Zealand persimmons and the other for Moroccan raspberries. If adopted, New Zealand persimmons could be imported into the United States, provided they came from properly certified orchards using approved pest control and risk management methods. Moroccan raspberries would be eligible for import, provided that they came from registered growers and were grown according to a “systems approach” to reduce the risk of Monilinia fructigena, a harmful fungus. To ensure the fulfillment of these criteria, all shipments would be shipped in commercial consignments, along with a phytosanitary certificate from the Moroccan government. Comments regarding these proposals are due by October 25.

APHIS has also reopened the period for public comment regarding the recently proposed rule regarding Chilean lemon imports into the continental United States. According to the proposed rule change, published April 4th, imported produce would have to originate from registered growers and found free of Chilean flat mites (Brevipalpus chilensis). Comments are now due September 26.

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