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Barnes/Richardson Secures Preliminary Dumping Determination on Lemon Juice for Sunkist

Nov. 7, 2006

On November 3, 2006, the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled unanimously that allegedly dumped imports of lemon juice from Argentina and Mexico may be causing material injury to the domestic industry processing lemon juice.  That industry consists primarily of Barnes/Richardson client Sunkist Growers, Sherman Oaks, CA.  The ITC’s preliminary determination cleared the investigation for action by the Department of Commerce, to determine whether sales have been made at less-than-fair-value prices, resulting in an antidumping duty deposit on imports of both concentrated and not-from-concentrate lemon juice.  The Commerce Department’s preliminary determination is scheduled for February 28, 2006.

BRC recently successfully represented the US orange juice processors and growers in a similar antidumping action against Brazil.  That investigation resulted in affirmative final determinations by both agencies, and an antidumping order on Brazilian juice exported to the United States, issued in March 2006.