Customs Compliance

Importers are legally required to use “reasonable care” in their importing activities. Practically speaking, this requires that importers commit significant resources and take steps to ensure that they have trained employees who can interpret the legal requirements applicable to the company’s imports. Maintaining appropriate training and compliance is a continuous business process.

Many companies understand that it is important to ensure that tariff classifications are accurate, all elements of value are properly reported, country of origin is properly determined and reported, and claims for special programs like the US-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (“USMCA”) or Generalized System of Preferences (“GSP”) are supported. Most companies also understand that they are required to keep documents to support their claims in these (and perhaps other) areas. Despite their best efforts, these companies sometimes require assistance to design, document, and defend their business processes.

The attorneys at Barnes, Richardson & Colburn have substantial experience in conducting compliance audits and implementing customs compliance programs. Our audits are focused and designed to minimize business disruption. We design compliance programs meant to provide the highest level of compliance and reliability while respecting the company’s current processes. We regard these programs as being the best practical solution to continuing to do business while ensuring the required level of Customs compliance.

Contact any attorney at Barnes, Richardson & Colburn to explore whether you are complying with the Customs laws, and how to maximize your compliance with practical, business-oriented practices and procedures.

May 30, 2023
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Feb. 15, 2021
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