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EU Member States Enhance Control Over GMO Products

December 8, 2014

    The European Parliament and the European Council have agreed to implement a law that allows European Union (EU) member nations  to control genetically modified organisms (GMOs) within their own states.  Previously, the countries could only prohibit approved GMO products if they proved to the European Food Safety Authority that the products were unsafe for the public.  Member states may now prohibit various GMO products due to other factors, such as socioeconomic effects, environmental issues, and various policy goals.  In order to officially implement this agreement, the European Parliament and the European Council will vote on it before the end of 2014.  Vytenis Andriukaitis, the Commissioner of Health and Food Safety for the EU, stated “The agreement, if confirmed, would meet member states' consistent calls since 2009, to have the final say on whether or not GMOs can be cultivated on their territory, in order to better take into account their national context and, above all, the views of their citizens.”

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