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USITC Decision: Steel Threaded Rod from India

August 21, 2014

    On August 7, 2014, The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) voted that steel threaded rod from India does not harm industry in the United States and therefore would not be subject to anti-dumping duties.  All five members of the commission, including Chairman Meredith M. Broadbent, Vice Chairman Dean A. Pinkert, and Commissioners Irving A. Williamson, David S. Johanson, and F. Scott Kieff, came to a unanimous decision, while Commissioner Schmidtlein did not take part in the investigation.  

    The petitioners were Denver, Colorado-based All America Threaded Products Inc.; Brentwood, California-based Bay Standard Manufacturing Inc.; and Pelham, Alabama-based Vulcan Threaded Products Inc., who filed against steel threaded rod from India and Thailand.  The USITC found that the product is used “primarily in commercial construction applications to suspend support systems for electrical conduit, pipes for plumbing, HVAC ductwork, sprinkler systems, etc.”  The USTIC also voted not to impose anti-dumping duties on Thailand in April 2014, though the Department of Commerce determined the product was being sold at less than fair value and the foreign respondents chose not to participate in the investigation.  Despite the negative ITC determinations in favor of both Thailand and India, respondents are likely to appeal the India decision as they did the earlier Thailand decision.   

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