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New C-TPAT Portal
Apr. 24, 2006

July 1, Deadline Applies

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has unveiled the next significant system advancement in the C-TPAT program that will become operational on May 1, 2006.  The new system, referred to as the Communications Portal is intended to improve the processing and communication for all C-TPAT participants including certified C-TPAT members.  Participation in the Portal will be mandatory for C-TPAT participants.  The new Portal as described by CBP will improve a participant’s communication with CBP by making it instant, direct and secure, allow participants to receive information directly from CBP including cargo security alerts and sanitized intelligence information, and ensure that all participants update and maintain all of their C-TPAT information.

Various deadlines have been given for enrollment in the Portal (by accessing and updating all C-TPAT Portal Account Information, including their Supply Chain Security Profile); importers must ensure that their Security Profile is updated by July 1, 2006.  Other C-TPAT enrollment categories have other deadlines.  Note: If the C-TPAT participant fails to update this information by the date required, the participants will be removed from the C-TPAT program entirely, lose benefits and would have to reapply.  The Security Profile must be updated as needed and re-certified on a yearly basis.

The Portal URL will be available on the website.  Only a C-TPAT participant’s point of contact (a company officer or employee with an email address registered with C-TPAT) may create or modify a Portal account.   The primary C-TPAT point of contact will be able to add additional users for access to their company’s C-TPAT Portal account. Each user assigned by the primary C-TPAT point of contact will be required to have a valid e-mail address and create a unique password.

CBP states that access to the Portal is only permitted for CBP C-TPAT program personnel, and C-TPAT participant authorized users as controlled and designated by the primary C-TPAT point of contact, and that access to all of a company’s Portal information will be held as confidential within CBP.  CBP states that this information will not be shared with anyone unless it is authorized by the primary C-TPAT point of contact or one of the participant’s designated authorized users.

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