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New C-TPAT Verification System
May 6, 2004

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has launched a new system that allows C-TPAT participants to check whether their trade and transportation partners have committed themselves to the same C-TPAT security guidelines.  The web portal  allows C-TPAT participants who have formally consented to the release of their own information to other participants, to check the status of other participants.  To qualify, a participant must have approved certification as a C-TPAT participant, a signed letter from a CBP officer that the certification has been approved, an executed waiver (consent) form, and  the CBP C-TPAT office must be provided with a valid email address.  You must also obtain an identification number (SVIP ID) and password from the C-TPAT program office.  Once these steps have been completed, you will have access to the Status Verification Interface and be able to perform searches on other participants; however this covers only those other participants who have also consented to status verification interface participation.  It is not possible to check whether or not the queried company is a C-TPAT participant unless they have specifically given that consent. 

When the Status Verification Interface is queried, the search must be performed by entering the SVIP ID number of the participant you wish to query (which should be obtained from that participant).  The search results will give the ID number, participant’s name, “doing business as” name if applicable, and the participant’s C-TPAT certification category.  If the ID number is not valid, you will receive the message “Partner ID not found”.  Conversely, when a participant is asked about their C-TPAT status by another Interface participant, it should give the party making the enquiry its SVIP ID number to allow that party to do its own verification search.

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