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USTR Publishes Preliminary Retaliatory Duties List

April 11, 2019

Following the World Trade Organization's ("WTO") decision that Airbus's large civil aircraft production is being improperly subsidized by EU countries, the U.S. Trade Representative ("USTR") published its preliminary list of tariff numbers upon which the U.S. may retaliate by imposing additional duties on EU-origin goods imported under these tariff numbers.  Currently, the U.S. is estimating the harm caused to it by the Airbus subsidies to be $11 billion.  

The final list of tariff numbers will not be known until later this year, as the $11 billion harm figure is subject to arbitration at the WTO.  In the meantime, the USTR has published this preliminary list for comment.  The preliminary list includes aircraft and parts of aircraft provisions.  It includes, however, a wide variety of tariff numbers, including those covering seafood, cheese, olive oil, wine, juices, apparel, stone and ceramics, precious metals, tools and motorcycles, to highlight buat a few.

Those interested in submitting comments opposing the inclusion of particular tariff numbers have until May 28, 2019 to do so.  Those who wish to be heard at a public hearing scheduled for May 15th must request the right to appear and submit a summary of testimony by May 6th.

Questions about this article or the proposed retaliatory duties can be directed to BRC partner,
Rick Van Arnam.

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