Early 1930s : Frank Wilson Married to Artist, Lucy Currier Richards

Frank P. Wilson was a partner at the firm after serving as a deputy police commissioner of New York City, and litigating customs cases at the Department of Justice. For a period in the 1920s and 1930s the firm was known as Barnes, Wilson & McKenna.

In addition to an interesting and varied career, Wilson was also married to an interesting woman.

Frank Wilson was married to artist, Lucy Currier Richards (American, fl. 1906-1933), who was well-known for her delicate bronze sculptures of female figures.

(Mrs. F. P. Wilson) was a pupil of Boston Museum School, Kops in Dresden, Eustritz in Berlin and Julian Academy in Paris. She was also a member of Copley S.; Boston GA: N.A. Women PS; MacD. C. (ppg. 663, American Art Annual, Who's Who in Art, Volume 20)

Figural Sundial Girl with Fish Untitled Fountain Bronze